Marissa Tait (Rebecca Moore)
Marissa Tait stars as Amber's cousin Becky Moore, who was raised in the desert and yearns for nice things, on the daytime drama The Bold and the Beautiful.

Marissa knew she wanted to be an actress at an early age. She graduated from the San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts and performed in several of the school's theatrical productions including Arthur Miller's The Crucible and the musical Crazy for You. Marissa really loves playing big characters, especially on stage.

Marissa attended San Diego State College where she appeared in two shows The Actor's Nightmare, by Christopher Durang and the San Diego debut of The Kentucky Cycle, directed by Nick Reid.

Marissa signed with a manager in November 1998 and immediately flew to Romania to film a horror movie, Witch House, for the independent production company Full Moon. She followed this with the lead role in the feature Totem for the same company. The day she shot her last scenes for this second film, they granted her one hour off to respond to the call back from The Bold and the Beautiful.

When not acting, Marissa enjoys swimming, roller blading and reading. Her favorite author is Pairs Anthony, a science fiction fantasy writer. Marissa supports cancer research and makes a point of donating her old clothes and furniture to the theater departments of various colleges.

Marissa was born and raised in San Diego. Her favorite person in the world is her younger brother Christopher, who just turned fifteen.

Marissa is single and has recently moved to Burbank, California. She is 5'5" tall with light brown hair and brown eyes and celebrates her birthday on May 27th.

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